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Ticket Refunds

If your show is cancelled, you are eligible for a refund. We also offer other options for tickets that can’t be used.

Refund Policy

Our standard refund policy has been relaxed to encourage people to remain home if they are not well. Refunds are available for anyone who is feeling ill on the day of a show. Please contact CenterTix for a refund as soon as you know you will miss a show due to illness.

CenterTix sales are final. Refunds are only available for tickets to canceled shows. If your show was cancelled, use our form to request a refund.

If you are unable to use your tickets for an upcoming event, you still have several options available to you:

Exchange the Tickets

Many tickets are eligible for exchange. Visit our ticket exchange page for more information, or call CenterTix at 907-263-ARTS (2787) to see if your tickets are eligible. Exchange fees and restrictions apply.

Donate the Tickets Back to the Event Presenter

Tickets to events presented by most nonprofit arts organizations (like Anchorage Concert Association, Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, and others) can be donated back to the presenter. Call CenterTix at 907-263-ARTS (2787) or visit our ticket donations page for more information.

Gift the Tickets

Gifting your tickets to someone else will show your friends and family how much you care. Go ahead, make someone’s day!

Resell the Tickets

Alaska has no statutes banning the resale of tickets.

Refund Request

If your tickets are eligible for a refund, submit your information on this form.

Get In Touch

We’re here to help and inform. Feel free to reach out.

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How May We Help?

Our all-Alaska staff is here to answer your questions and more. Call us at 907-263-ARTS (2787).

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