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One Man Lord of the Rings

Anchorage Concert Association

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Born in a Canadian town closely resembling the Shire, actor and uber geek Charles Ross spent his childhood longing for galaxies far, far away and watching Star Wars over and over. The result of his “misspent youth” is the hilarious One-Man Star Wars™ Trilogy, where he single-handedly plays all the characters and condenses the plots into just 75 minutes!

Ross does the same for The Lord of the Rings, recreating the enchanting world of Middle-earth with nothing more than elbow pads and outrageous imagination. Journey through the trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King in 5400 seconds! Booming special effects, riveting stage fights, and harrowing rescues, the gifted performer does it all.

You shall not pass up One Man Lord of the Rings.

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