Health & Safety FAQs

What wellness initiatives are in place at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts when attending an event?

Health and safety efforts vary from venue to venue and from event to event. Please visit the event description for the show you are attending for details and specific requirements before coming to each event.

  • High-touch surfaces such as door handles, handrails, and theater seats at the PAC are cleaned and disinfected before each event.

  • Restrooms and other high-traffic areas of the PAC are cleaned and disinfected regularly during and between each public event.

  • Additional mitigation such as face masks may be required as determined by the artist and promoter of each event. Additional mitigation measures for each event will be listed on that event's description page on CenterTix. When possible, these requirements will also be communicated to ticket buyers by email the week of the event.

If I am sick on the day of a show, what should I do?

Please consider staying home and taking care of yourself.

Please also notify CenterTix as soon as you realize that you cannot attend an event. CenterTix staff can help you transfer your tickets to someone who can use them and explore other options. Please call 907-263-ARTS (2787) or send an email to [email protected] or use our online contact form.

What kind of security screening is used at the PAC?

The PAC is implementing Evolv Express technology for weapon screening. Evolv Express is a touchless electronic security system using extremely low frequency radio waves (ELF) to detect weapons. Visitors pass through quickly without removing cell phones or other personal items.

Are magnetometers used at the entrances?

No. Our entrances are setup with free-flow sensor technology that uses extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves similar to electronic anti-theft systems used by big box stores. The system is able to spot weapons while ignoring harmless personal items such as keys, cellphones, belts, coins, tablets, laptops, and more.

Can I carry my knife or firearm?

Knives and weapons are not allowed. Possession of firearms in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts is prohibited per Alaska Statute Section 11.61.220 (a) (2).

What happens if I accidentally bring a prohibited item to an event?

Compliance with all health and safety measures is required to enter and attend events. Everyone who arrives with prohibited items will be asked to secure the items off site and/or may not be admitted.

Is the security scan safe for people with an implanted or wearable medical device?

In keeping with FDA guidance on EAS and walk-through metal detectors, it is recommended that visitors with implantable or wearable medical devices consult their device manufacturer or physician for information relating to their own specific device. Please notify the security personnel upon arrival if you'd prefer special screening.

Is electronic security screening safe for pregnant people?

Our electronic screening uses extremely low frequency radio waves (ELF) in compliance with IEEE’s 2019 guidance for safe operation with the general public, which includes pregnant people and their unborn children. Please notify the security personnel upon arrival if you'd prefer special screening.

How May We Help?

Our all-Alaska staff is here to answer your questions and more. Call us at 907-263-ARTS (2787).

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