Streaming FAQs

What is a stream?

A stream is a live or pre-recorded video of a performance that you watch online.

How does streaming work on CenterTix?

When browsing CenterTix, some events are labeled as “Streaming” or “Virtual Event".

To get your access to a stream, select “Purchase Stream” next to the event you want to watch. You’ll login to your CenterTix account and enter your credit card info as you complete your purchase. Later, you will watch the stream from your CenterTix account.

An email reminder will be sent to you the day of your stream that links to the login page. Once you login to your CenterTix account, you’ll be able to access your stream with the “Launch Stream” button next to the date and time of the stream you are watching.

Will all events be streamed?

Not all events will be streamed. Some events will continue to perform before a live audience only. Some events will only stream to a virtual audience whereas some will be mixed with both a live audience and a virtual audience.

Where can I watch?

Our streams are currently viewable in the United States only.

What devices can I stream on?

You can stream on any device that has an internet connection and a browser. This includes your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, and smartphone. You can also stream via the systems explained down below.

Minimum Requirements
A device with a stable internet connection and an internet browser that can log into your CenterTix account.

Can I watch a stream on my TV?

If you regularly cast videos from the internet to your TV, you can use the same process to access a stream. People regularly access our streams via their Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and other web-enabled devices.

Can I buy a stream for someone else?

When buying a stream for someone else, we suggest that you contact CenterTix for assistance.

Streams are watched from inside the CenterTix account used to complete the sale. If the recipient does not participate in the purchase, they may not have the credentials to get into the account to watch the stream.

It is possible to exchange a stream to an account associated with the recipient's email address. To accomplish this, please use our exchange form or contact CenterTix staff at 907-263-2787.

Can I buy more than one stream for the same performance?

No, please purchase only one stream per performance. Only one stream can be watched from your account at a time.

How can I buy a stream and a live ticket?

Please purchase each stream individually and then purchase all your live theater tickets together in a different order.

Streams cannot be purchased with other tickets, and multiple streams cannot be purchased in one order.

Do I have to watch the stream at a certain time?

Yes, your stream access has a designated time and a limited viewing window. Anyone joining the stream late will miss everything that played before joining the stream.

When will I be able to watch the stream?

You can check the start time of a stream by logging into your CenterTix account. Access will be granted to the stream at that time. We recommend logging into your CenterTix account at least several minutes ahead of time. This will give you plenty of time to connect, and trouble shoot as needed.

Where can I find my stream access?

Make sure you are logged into your CenterTix account, and you’ll find a list of your upcoming streams above your recent orders.

Why do I need a CenterTix account?

You will watch the stream from your CenterTix account.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Please use the "Forgot your Password?" link on the CenterTix login page. A password reset email will be sent immediately to your email account.

Can I share my account?

No, your account is unique to you and it cannot be shared. Friends must create their own account and purchase their own access to a stream.

I didn't get a stream access email message. What do I do?

First, please check your spam folder (MailGuard for GCI customers) in case your confirmation email was filtered. If you still cannot find a confirmation email, please login to your CenterTix account. You should see your stream listed above your “recent orders” list. If not, please reach out to us using our chat feature, or send us a message from our CenterTix contact page. You can also call us at 907-263-ARTS (907-263-2787).

If I need to step away from the stream in progress, will I lose my place?

If you pause the stream for less than 5 minutes you will be able to restart it at the point that you paused the stream.

What if my internet isn’t high speed?

We recommend pausing the stream for 30 seconds to a minute to allow a buffer to build up on your device. This should keep the stream from being interrupted due to any slowness with your network.

What should I do if I have technical difficulty while watching a stream?

Centertix staff will be standing by to answer your questions during every streamed performance. Call us at 907-263-ARTS (2787). You can also use the chat feature on our website to contact a representative.

I can see the streaming window but the stream will not play. What do I do?

You may want to reboot your device by powering it off and restarting it.

Safari users may need to unhide your IP address. Please select the Gear Icon on your home screen. Go to Settings / Safari / Hide My IP needs to be "Off."

Some adware blockers and other types of blockers can interfere with live stream events. Turning off these blockers before re-accessing the stream could help.

If you are using a VPN you may also experience an issue validating your stream credentials. This impacts some VPN providers but not all. If you are seeing an issue, you might disconnect from your VPN to see if that allows you access.

What happens if I lose connection and need to log back in? Will I still be able to watch the stream?

Yes, as long as you’re logging in from the same device you will be able to re-connect.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you are having an issue viewing your stream, please contact us immediately through the chat in the bottom right of your screen or send us a message from our CenterTix contact page or call us at 907-263-ARTS (907-263-2787).

What if I miss my stream?

Options are extremely limited, please call CenterTix at 907-263-ARTS (907-263-2787) as soon as you realize you missed a stream to see what might be possible.

How May We Help?

Our all-Alaska staff is here to answer your questions and more. Call us at 907-263-ARTS (2787).

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